Waxing for her

  • Full Face $56.00

  • Forehead $14.00

  • Eyebrows $ 22.00

  • Ears $14.00

  • Lip $14.00                    

  • Cheeks $14.00

  • Nose $14.00

  • Neck $14.00

  • Sides $14.00

  • Chin $14.00

  • Full Chest $32.00

  • Chest Strip $18.00

  • Full Stomach $32.00

  • Stomach strip $14.00

  • Hands $15.00

  • Nipples $ 15.00

  • Shoulders $ 25.00

  • Bikini line $ 40.00

  • Full Bikini $ 48.00

  • Brazilian $ 55.00

  • Full Butt $ 27.00

  • Butt Strip $12.00

  • Legs $80.00

  • Half Leg $46.00

  • Half Arm $36.00

  • Full Arm $35.00

  • Underarms $18.00

  • Full Back $60.00

  • Half Back $20.00

  • Toes $15.00


Waxing for him

  • Full Face $40.00

  • Forehead $12.00            

  • Eyebrows $17.00

  • Ears $12.00

  • Lip $10.00                       

  • Cheeks $12.00

  • Nose $12.00

  • Neck $12.00

  • Sides $12.00

  • Chin $10.00

  • Full Chest $35.00

  • Chest Strip $18.00

  • Full Stomach $30.00

  • Stomach strip $15.00

  • Hands $15.00

  • Nipples $12.00

  • Shoulders $20.00

  • Man (briefs) Line $49.00

  • Manzilian (Brazilian) $75.00

  • Full Butt $25.00

  • Butt Strip $17.00

  • Half Leg $45.00

  • Full Leg $65.00

  • Underarms $18.00

  • Full Arm $45.00

  • Half Arm $40.00

  • Half Back $25.00

  • Full Back $60.00

  • Toes $15.00

Waxing Contraindications

For prescribed topical creams such as retina, alpha hydroxy, and differin. You should cease all products 7 to 10 days before waxing. Retina is one of the most common ingredients in over-the-counter prescriptions and is also in anti-aging and acne topical creams. You cannot be waxed if you are on Accutane internally or topically. Please always refer to your doctor if you have any questions. Please let your esthetician know if you’re on any medications as it can be dangerous not to mention anything regarding creams or medications before your waxing procedure.

Can you wax after just having a facial?

If it is a medical grade facial, you will have to consult with your physician.

Is it ok to sun tan before a wax?

You cannot wax after sun tanning because that will cause sensitivity to your skin, and you will have to wait 48 to 72 hours before sun tanning again.

Can you wax with a sunburn or poison ivy?

No, you can’t. You have to wait till you’re completely healed before getting waxed.

Can you be pregnant and wax?

Yes, you’ll just be a little more sensitive.

The DON’Ts

Don’t use any numbing creams before waxing. Don’t have any caffeine or alcohol before waxing.


Everyone’s pain tolerance is different, but for a first time guest, hard wax is the best recommendation. Tenderness is normal 1 to 2 days after waxing. If you are a new to waxing and new hair growth appears faster after your first-time, it is normal until after 3 to 4 wax cycles.


Don’t do these things after a wax for 48-72 hours:

No Exercise.

No Swimming.

No tanning.

No scented products.

No shaving or hair removal creams in between waxing as it makes it feel like first time.



Be sure to do the following:

Keep area clean.


Follow esthetician instructions for the best result or the best results.

Consistent waxing will give the best results. The hair will become thinner, won’t be as coarse and will grow less over waxing cycles.





How long does the hair have to be to get waxed?

It has to be a quarter of an inch.

What should you expect after a wax?

Each person’s skin is different.

Can you wax during your time of month ?

Yes, you can wax during the time of the month, but you will be more sensitive.

How long does the results from a wax last?

3 to 4 weeks typically, but every guest is different. The correct product can also help with the regrowth process.

What to expect during a wax?

Our esthetician has a lot of patience and is an expert with a prompt Brazilian.

What type of wax is used ?

Our esthetician specializes in using a hard wax.

All prices listed are starting prices and can vary. Customary Packages available for savings.