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  • Brow Fill - Create an appearance of a thick darker brown typically a powder or gel that last for one or two days.

  • Brow Tint - to create the appearance of a bigger darker brow ideal for those who want a fuller appearance.

  • Brow Tinting - last 2 to 6 weeks depending on the person Soft Glam Full Face-A soft natural look with or without strips.

  • Full Glam - Full Face- More dramatic look with strip lashes.

  • Prom Glam - A full application including strip lashes.

  • Birthday Glam - A full glam look or either as natural as you would want with strip lashes.

  • Wedding Consultation - Deciding to look and products for their special day.

  • Make up Consultation - Shopping with the client for products for their makeup collection specific to skin needs and lifestyle. Photo shoot - after consultation is complete of the desired look includes full application of the desired look.

  • Make up One on One - A mirror technique with education on products starting with skin care all the way down to the perfect make up application for you as well as technique.

All prices listed are starting prices and can vary. Customary Packages available for savings.

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